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About Indie Insurance

Here at you are able to receive an insurance quote within minutes just by a few clicks of the mouse. Unlike captive agencies, we are able to provide you with quotes from all of the top rated carriers in California. We provide up-to-date, real-time price quotes for Individual/Family Health Insurance & International Travel Medical Insurance (Annuity & Life quotes by appointment only). Feel free to call us anytime at 310-746-5636, or contact us via email.

IndieINS Testimonials

“Brian Russick is without a doubt the hardest-working insurance agent I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. His dedication to mastering the insurance industry is evident every time I speak with him. There’s no question about it – trusting Brian Russick with your insurance needs is the smartest decision you can make.” – Nick L. Perry (ILIAA.ORG)

“I’ve known Brian Russick for over 13 years and he has always been a trustworthy and honest friend. When Brian started Indie Insurance, I was quick to support him by referring my friends and family to his services. He is extremely professional on the phone as well as in person. Brian is well versed in the insurance field and I would recommend his company to anyone in need of insurance.” – Steven Jimenez

Indie Insurance